PT-90 1501 PBX / IPPBX / Santral

PT-90 1501 PBX / IPPBX / Santral PT-90 1501 PBX and IPPBX all-in-one equipment is a flexible and modular PBX that provides productivity-enhancing communication platform for small business


PT-90 1501 PBX and IPPBX all-in-one equipment is a flexible and modular PBX that provides productivity-enhancing communication platform for small business. PT-90 1501 IPPBX can handle up to 64 analog ports (CO lines or analog extensions), up to 4 digital trunks, up to 1000 SIP extensions or 200 SIP trunks.
PT-90 1501 PBX and IPPBX in one equipment chassis contains one slot for power supply board, one MPU slot, and other 8 slots for various business boards.
PT-90 1501 uses advanced hardware and software technology and carrier-class design to ensure the high reliability of equipment. The system of PT-90 1501 uses the mature high-performance CPU; and uses embedded real-time operating system and efficient algorithm, so it has excellent properties. With modular design of inserting board, PT-90 1501 is expandable by your requirement. locates on the interface of PSTN and IP network, support SS7, PRI, R2, V5, FXO, 4WE&M and SIP protocol, as well as media transfer between the PSTN and IP network.


* Reasonable structure, nice appearance

* State-of-the-art seamless merging system for IP phone network and traditional telephone network

* High reliable controller, single power supply and K20 protection for analogue voice circuits

* Hot swappable for controller and all types of trunk card and extension card

* Most flexibility with modular design, common slot for trunk cards and extension cards

* Standard 19” rack mounting 1.5U height chassis with fan unit.

* Each single chassis with 8 common slots for user extension card and supports 1024×1024 non-blocking switching

* Maximum 256 lines for analogue extension by cascading multiple chassis

* Sophisticated signaling gateway feature supports analogue and digital voice signaling conversion, includes SIP, ISDN/PRI, SS7, V5.2, R2, DTMF, 2/4Wires E&M, FXS/FXO etc.

* Analogue interface supports FXS, FXO, 2/4 wires E&M, HOT, magnet and electric carrier voice

* The MST controller card supports 1024×1024 digital switching, 32×DTMF receiver, 32×DTMF transmitter, 32×MFC send/receive, 32×recorder, 32×player, 1×64-parties conference calls with echo cancelation, a set of Shared standard signal generator, a set of exchange control software

* Digital trunk card includes 4×E1 interfaces, 4×64K HDLC transceiver, MTP2/Q.921/V5.2 software

* IPS card can register 1000×SIP phones, support SIP concurrency 400 and 30 × IP over TDM or 30 × TDM over IP calling

* Analog user card includes 8×FXS/FXO,Provides general PABX all kinds of call featu8 x Caller ID transmitter, 8×DTMF transceiver ,8×pulse transceiver

* FLASH memory for billing system storage, may save 2 million bills and never loss, extra port connection for external recording device also provide, such as caller display, call forward, call transfer, call waiting, call pickup, call back, call hunting, DND (Do Not Disturb), DID (Direct Inward Dial), DOD (Direct Outgoing Dial), CDR (Call Detail Record), IDD & DDD lock, wake-up call, voice mailbox, background music … etc. Based on the Chinese and English interface management platform in the Windows system, the NMS system is easy to operate. The NMS system includes traffic monitoring, parameter setting, billing management and other functions module; it also has alarm detection equipment, outside test, online upgrade level adjustment, system, etc.

Technical Specification

* Protocol
PSTN: SS7, PRI, V5.2, R2

* PBX Feature
Hot Line
Call pickup
Call Forwarding (All, Busy, No Answer)
Call Waiting
Do Not Disturb (DND)
Call Hold
Record/Play voice
Morning call
Outgoing Call Barring
Caller ID
ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) function
Absent Subscriber Service
Abbreviated dialing
Call back
Registered call

* Physical Interface
ISDN Interface: 4×E1, G.703, 120Ω RJ-45
Network Interface: WAN, 10/100M Base-TX, RJ-45
RS232 Console: RJ-45, 115200bps

* Physical Feature
Power Supply: 176VAC~264V AC; -36VDC~-72V DC
Power consumption: <50W
Operation temperature: -10°C ~ +50°C
Operation Humidity: 10%-90% (no condensation)
Dimension (W/D/H): 483×233×61mm
Weight: 6 Kg

PT-90 1501 PBX / IPPBX